Taking things to excess?

In 1647, the grammarian and prime mover in the emasculation of the French language, Claude Favre de Vaugelas, remarked in his Remarks on the French Language of his pride in knowing a man who never pronounced the word ‘thing’ (‘chose’) because it was a word with which people make dirty jokes.

Here is a poem from the Satyres bastardes or Bastard Satyrs of 1615 of which Vaugelas would not have approved:

Mon chose veut choser vostre chose : mais chose
Garde que je ne puis enchoser vostre chose
Or si chose à la fin ne vous laisse enchoser
Je le choseray tant qu’il s’en ira choser.

My thing wants to thing your thing: but thingy
Make sure I can’t in-thing your thing
But if in the end thingy doesn’t let you in-thing
I’ll thing him until he things off.